EMILIAN’S Artistes-Barbiers is a traditional barber shop specialized in classic haircut for men and in old-fashioned shaving. Upon your arrival, you will be surprised and charmed by an unusual vintage decor and a professional atmosphere. Our barbers will serve you with passion and expertise to provide you with an impeccable cut.
Revisit your panache and opt for quality with our full range of EMILIAN’S men’s products!

EMILIAN the Barber is a perfectionist. He is passionate about his craft which let him to develop remarkable products for men.

EMILIAN the Barber was very intrigued by water based pomades. This led him to experiment with all the different water based pomades on the market. Many of these styling products had weaknesses; difficult to apply, too rigid or not enough, yellows white hair, etc. EMILIAN has also started looking for a Canadian brand, but didn’t find any. Not discovering the pomades that meet his high standards, he came to the conclusion that the only solution to this problem was to make his own grooming products line. His goal was to develop a perfectly balanced pomade; neither too rigid nor too soft, exquisitely scented and one that holds the hair. It took a whole year, with the help of his customers, to design the perfect recipe. By listening carefully to people’s views and his own experiments, he finally ends up designing the EMILIAN’S pomade. Manufactured entirely in Canada. Thus was born the first water based pomade that meets the Canadian taste and climate. EMILIAN who is very fascinated by the moose, which lives across Canada, decided to use it for the product packaging. Majestic in size with towering antlers, he believes that this magnificent animal represents Canada well. The slogan “Have some Antlers! ” comes from the fact that this ornament represents the strength and the bigger it is; the bigger the moose is too.

EMILIAN has many projects on the table … Stay with us to discover the fragrances of CANADA through unique products and of course your next lifestyle!